Sunday, March 24, 2019

Last man standing...

Walker Miskelly

Your winner...Tara Snow

We have a winner

After a discussion the tournament has concluded.  Tara Snow is our champion and last woman standing.  More to come.  Congratulations to Tara, Dustin and Walker.  It appears there may be a chop in play in the one day tournament too.

Blinds are now 12k 24k 24k

Tara is chipleader.  Walker is chipping up and Dustin is a distant third.

Walker Shows a Bluff

Walker check raised Tara on the flop.  When she folded he tabled air.  Tara still with most of the chips.

Jay is our fourth place finisher

Jay jammed with 8c4c and Tara immediately reshoved from the button with 88s.  Walker in the big blind folded KQ face up.  The board ran flopped mostly clean but a club on the turn gave Jay hope for a flush draw.  It didn't hit.  Jay won a little over 11k for fourth.  What a great guy, always happy win or lose.

The final three players are all guaranteed over 13k.

Dustin Doubles Through Bishop

The Bishop might have outlasted Jesus but Dustin got him.  King Jack over Jack Three when a Jack hit the board.  Now, with a very
short stack Jay Bishop shoved blind and got it through.