Sunday, November 10, 2019


We'll have complete results from Event 1 later today.

Congrats to Ron Lane who beat Prissy Giroir heads up in the Opener.  Ron took home $11250 and played excellent through out the event.  One of us GCPers shared a table with him all day on Day 1. He found a bag and caused problems for everybody at the table.  Made some great reads and definitely deserved the title.

Prissy it should be noted accomplished a rare feat in that she somehow made a final table FOUR times in one tournament.  She was the only player to bag twice (winning an added Poker Gras Main Event seat in the process) and she also bubbled bagging the third flight when her pocket Aces got run down by Steve Bierman's pocket Queens on the river.

In Event 2, called the Game of the Century by somebody, Jason Regas won the title beating Derek Ridley heads up and finding good fortune with K9 more than once at the final table.  David Fry finished third with Charlie Gelvin the bubble boy.  I think on that particular day, Charlie is just fine with the way everything went, after leading the poker room in LSU cheers during a fairly important football game.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Event 1 Payouts at Poker Gras

18 players will cash.  Roughly 12% of the field returns on the money bubble with 10% paid.

First place will pay $11250.

A min cash will pay $450.

2nd $6750
3rd $4050
4th $3600
5th $3150
6th $2700
7th $2250
8th $1800
9th $1350

10th $1350
11th $1350
12th $1350
13th - 15th $900
16th - 18th $450

Prissy Giroir is the only player, pending review, to bag twice and has earned the $600 bonus prize Poker Gras Main Event seat.  We will post complete chip counts from A, B, and C flights later this morning.  Flight A has already been posted on our Facebook page.